Engineered for performance. 

The WOLF BAR 1.0, finished in black zinc, made from high strength alloy steel, with a HUGE weight capacity of 500kg, and a combination of bushings and 8 needle bearing collars, this bar really is made to last!

Subtle detailing and a blacked out appearance make this one of the best looking bars on the market!

Why needle bearings?

As a general rule, the more bearings, the smoother the spin of the collars. Common bearing types include: ball bearings, thrust bearings and needle bearings. With ball bearings generally being the cheapest.

When performing olympic lifts and powerful barbell complexes there is a huge strain on the wrists. With our 8 needle bearing Wolf Bar 1.0, we use a combination of bearings and bushings to ensure the spin of the bar is as smooth and consistent as possible. By doing so, this greatly reduces the strain on joints and muscles, leading to an over all more effective performance and lower change of injury

Technical Spec:

Material: High Strength Alloy Steel
Length: 220cm
Shaft diameter: 28mm
Colour: Black
Weight: 20KG
Capacity: 500kg
Bearings: 8 needle bearing and bush bearing combination


PLEASE NOTE: This is not a toy and injuries will occur if this product is not used correctly. If you have any questions about correct lifting technique or product care please get in touch.

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